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Annexes au rapport final d'évaluation du projet pilote de la délégation de gestion dans cinq quartiers de Ouagadougou

(2013) - Rapport - ONEA
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HYDROCONSEIL The objective of the project is to evaluate and capitalize on the experience of this innovative strategy of improving WSS access to the poor, after 2.

5 years of implementation, as a follow up to earlier support of the ONEA provided by WSP since 2009, with a view to helping the ONEA to replicate and to scale up the delegated management approaches in its intervention perimeter (i.

e. urban and small towns). In addition the water services delegated management pilot project in peri urban areas of Ouagadougou will be evaluated in close collaboration with AFTUW as part of the IDA funded project "Burkina Faso Urban Water Sector Project (P106909 IDAH4820)" as this is being considered for possible scale up in the ONEA service areas in urban and small towns of Burkina Faso The evaluation will focus on the impact of this innovative strategy on the beneficiary population and on the effectiveness of the delegated management contractual and institutional frameworks set up by the different players (ONEA, City Councils and Operators).


SCOPE OF WORK The consultant will evaluate the following: The effectiveness of the delegated management approach in delivering and sustaining improvements in water supply services provided to the beneficiaries in the target peri urban settlements and on the impact of the approach on the living conditions in the target settlements The effectiveness of the delegated management contractual and institutional frameworks that guides the delivery of water supply services in the target settlements.

Therefore the two main areas of the consultant's work are: To collect and analyze data on population census and the survey of target groups to be specifically selected in the zone of intervention and To formulate an action plan and its implementation strategy as well as the relevant recommendations with a view to scaling up the approach throughout ONEA's area of service.

The population census of the five settlements will be comprehensive and conducted according to the exhaustive method and the household surveys will cover a total of 3000 samples broken down as follows: 2,038 household with individual connections, 700 households without household connections (who use public water points or other non potable water points), and 262 individual interviews with specific targeted groups.


1. Evaluation of the delegated management effectiveness and its impact on the population Burkina Faso ­ Evaluation du projet pilote AEP quartiers périphériques à Ouagadougou Page 41 Rapport final ­ Mai 2013 [LM] [SH] [BC]

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